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I have received letters of threats from radicals that are posting their messages on the internet, in forums that promote hatred, violence and discrimination, and threats that they are going to kill me.  These letters are from someone called him self "alsarem almaslool", and his email is:  This person is in charge of registration at the radical net called:  While my little site is being blocked from Saudi Arabia, those radical sites are not.

The threats are not just in the email, but the posts on these forums, and you all know, these forums have never been blocked, and considered a rich source for radicalism and radicals to promote their ideas of hatred, discrimination and violence.


These are the top sites that promote such activities:



I have sent Dr. Khodar AlQurashi (Vice-president for Girls Education) a copy of all these messages and posts, and told his highness, that such activities must be curtailed for the sake of the stability of the country.   I also told his highness that I will send copies to other official agencies in order to take actions.

In addition, I have called, faxed and emailed the authorities regarding the hatred emails, threats that they are going to kill me, and others.  All my correspondence with the authorities are in this site, but in Arabic, and still no action was taken regarding my safety and my rights.


Conspiracy Theory


The internet gateway to the world in Saudi Arabia is via King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), and with its proxies, KACST blocks all sites that do not go with the government policies, like pornography sites and some political sites, sites that promote discrimination, violence and terror.

It is amazing that lots of radical sites, and most considered are Saudi radical sites still working and not blocked nor any of those in charge of the sites are brought to justice for promoting violence, discrimination or terrorism.

I have an example of my story since I have published a web site telling my story, and the main page was blocked: and the faked site that was made by a terrorist called "Alsarem Almaslool" is still working, even though I have contacted KACST to block the faked site.  The faked site that was titled as the official site for Dr. Mohamed J. Al-Hassan, does not stop at insulting me and threatening me, but insults the government in my name.  These faked site are here: and here: and the sites that faked my registration and put posts in my name promoting that faked site are still working, like  and the person who did faked my ID and made decree (fatwa) to kill me is the one in charge of registration at the above network.  He, "Alsarem Almaslool", the person in charge of registration is not afraid of anything, and sent me more emails of threats, that I sent to the government agencies, but no response.  In addition, he sent me a link to a post he faked in my name telling visitors to go to "faked page" that he made, as if it is my homepage.  Here is his post which shows that he is behind the making of the faked site:

الموضــــوع: [ موقعي الرسمي تم افتتاحه يا وهابيه ]

عـدد الزيـارات : 183


 الكـاتـب : [ د محمد جعفر ال حسن ]     عدد المشاركات : 3

  26/6/02 05:03 مساءً    



بسمه تعالي
تحذير: لا يوجد لدي أية صفحة أخرى، وأي موقع غير هذ ا الموقع الرسمي يعتبر من إنشاء جماعة الحقد والتطرف والإرهاب لتشويه سمعتي

اتمنى نشره في الانترنت والتوقيع في سجل الزوار
د. محمد جعفر هاشم آل حسن

جامعة الملك سعود



So, my question: Is KACST conspiring (or siding) with those radicals or KACST is being controlled by those radicals?

Am I suspicious? Yes, and I have proves to show.  First those radical sites are working freely and never been blocked, while other sites that promote understanding and peace and unity are getting blocked so fast, even though those radical sites are promoting hatred, violence and terrorism in all their forums and promote hacking and attacking other sites as part of their crusade against atheists, rejectionists, liberals, etc.  Second, even after I contacted KACST regarding faking my identity and faking sites in my name, nothing happened to the faked sites, but KACST instead blocked my site.

I have been given a fax number and an email to contact officials in KACST, but in the last few days, the fax is being busy 24 hours a day, and the email comes back undelivered.  Is that a coincidence?

ONLY KACST has the answer.


This is a small list of some of these radical sites:

سوالف للجميع




شبكة سحاب




Islamic Terrorism

عزف الرصاص

شبكة نجران

شبكة أنصار


متعة الحديث

منتديات السنة


حقيقة الشيعة والرافضة

Electronic Jihad

Electronic Jihad

مع المجاهد

الجهاد والمجاهدين في مالوكو

Jihad Online

جنود الله

إمارة أفغانستان الإسلامية



صوت القوقاز

منتدى العرب

محاربو القمر

موقع الشيخ المجاهد عبدالله عزام


شبكة فيصل نور


الجواهر الإسلامية

أنا المسلم

شبكة الفجر